Seaford Golf Club used by outsiders as well

In response to the letter sent in by Alan Latham about the council’s indefinite deferral of the roadside verges and tree planting, I don’t see how this would benefit visitors to the town.

They come for the beach and the sea. There’s not much else in Seaford for them to see or do and these comments about Seaford Head Golf Club are rubbish.

They must be one of the biggest sources of revenue for the town council. I have been a member for several years and it’s not only two per cent of Seaford people who use the golf course, it’s used by a lot of golfers from outside the town.

We also play a lot of club matches against other clubs and a lot of golf societies use it from out side the town. Perhaps Mr Latham should take a look at the golf club house and he might change his mind when he sees its condition. A new club house could bring a lot of new members to the club and Seaford.

G Hayden