Seaford’s new litter bins most welcome

The announcement from Seaford Town Council that it is to invest £10,000 from its meagre budget on new litter bins for the seafront is very welcome indeed.

It is hoped that the promise in the future to invest more on this, the most valuable of Seaford’s assets, is fulfilled and also is very heartening.

For some time, many local people and visitors have been voicing their concerns about the sad deterioration in both the seafront and beach, certainly compared to 20 years ago.

Seaford, like all towns, has to be able, in some way, to make its case for visitors to come to and businesses to set up in.

On paper, Seaford has it all – a National Park on three of its boundaries, a beautiful bay on its other.

Just along to the east is surely one of the most iconic stretches of coastline anywhere in the world – the Seven Sisters.

It is hopefully now fully accepted that the most pressing need is to do something about the one remaining piece in the jigsaw- the stale, harsh and down right ugly promenade and hazardous and poorly maintained beach.

Regarding the beach, for which no new investment has yet been agreed, the sad fact is that out of 2,500 metres of shingle frontage only a 100 metre stretch could be classed as a proper, safe beach – the cove at Splash Point. The remaining 2,400 metres is unstable, hazardous to the unwary, and in sore need of some innovative investment.

The fact here is that the more people are attracted to Seaford, on paper this most wonderful seaside town, the more inherently safe the beach should be – people would assume this as anywhere that goes out of its way to attract visitors.

A good start would be the provision of just two rock or similar bulls horn breakwaters on just a modest stretch of beach. This would in itself quickly become an iconic feature in its own right, and truly announce Seaford as a fantastic place to live, visit and to run a business from.

Jim Skinner