Seaford tip closure - fly-tipping could follow

As you will no doubt be aware the meeting at the Baptist Church in Seaford was so fully attended that many of us were literally “left out in the cold”.

My husband and I arrived five minutes before the advertised start of the meeting, but many had already been turned away and others arrived afterwards.

Many of us have not been permitted to have our say and although there was talk of another meeting date (supposedly “to be arranged”) we have not been guaranteed a chance to attend (whenever that might be). This surely, therefore, cannot be called “Democratic Governance”.

Seaford is the largest town in East Sussex and yet we are not being given the priority that we feel we deserve.

If our tip closes there will be illegal fly-tipping on land very close to us.

Those of us honest enough to dispose of our rubbish legally will be forced to drive to Newhaven (and back) not only using fuel and emitting substances to the residents of Seaford, Bishopstone and Denton but also clogging up an already busy major road ...namely the A259 one way system.

Can you imagine the added traffic and chaos caused by the queues particularly when the Newhaven bridge is open?

We are all aware of the 20th and 21st century Government green policies which are enforced on us all through local issues or company policies so surely this closure should be stopped by those in office rather than those of us who are now forced to speak out?

I and others are just trying to do a small bit to enhance our own local environment.

Katharine Tompsett