Seaford tip closure - Will Newhaven cope with extra cars?

I was unable to make the meeting on November 15 (concerning the closure of Seaford tip)but have a few things I’d like to add to the pot.

Seaford has a greater population than Lewes and Newhaven, and therefore has more waste and more need.

I for one will be doing less recylcing when the tip closes and putting more into my dustbin as I refuse to do a ten-mile round trip from Chyngton to Newhaven. I will also be forced to burn my garden waste as a green bin is nowhere near substantial enough for my needs .

Judging by the constant stream of people using our tip and frequent queues that build up as the skips are changed over, will the area around Newhaven tip be able to function when they experience the larger influx of cars.

Newhaven already has more than enough traffic in this area – what with the level crossing, Halfords/B&Q retail park, Sainsbury’s, Avis Way industrial estate, lengthy swing bridge delays, possibility of new homes in the East Quay redevelopment area, HGV traffic along A26 to port and incinerator!

We should all get a reduction in our council tax, as I feel this is a worthwhile facility that many people benefit from using!

Seaford industrial estate will suffer from the reduction in passing trade. If people are forced to go to Newhaven they might as well use the businesses there to save on trips!

Where are the people in Alfriston and other surrounding places going to go? I know of people who come from East Dean to use our tip!

I could go on, I’m sure these points are reciprocated by everyone, but I think this idea is an absolute joke and I wanted to have a rant!

Craig Thomas