Search for family members

Once again I turn to readers for help. I am researching the Jenner family. Edward Jenner worked for the Sussex Express or more directly the owner of the Sussex Express, Mr John Baxter, as a traveller. Mr Jenner died on March 16, 1872 and his obituary was carried by your newspaper.

However, I digress.

What I am now looking for are any of his descendents who may be living in the Lewes or the Sussex area.

Mr Jenner was married to Nancy May and they had eight children:

Annie Elizabeth Jenner married Harry Harland, their son Harry Edward left Sussex and emigrated to Canada. I am in contact with a descendent of his. Sarah May Jenner as far as I know did not marry but I would love to hear from any of her descendents.

Edward Jenner jnr married Maria Holmes and I would be happy to hear from any of his descendents.

Their next child Thomas James Jenner married Mary Jane Hoather, any of their descendents can contact me.

Fanny Amelia Jenner I have as unmarried but would love to know if she married and to whom.

Richard Dawson Jenner emigrated to South Africa and I am in contact with his descendents.

Philip Walter Jenner remained in Sussex, and I once again would like to hear from any of his descendents. He married Ann surname unknown.

I am descended from Hubert Jenner who also emigrated to South Africa, where he married Sarah Brill.

I would be happy to hear from any readers who are descended from or know folk who are descended from him, or any of the children I have quoted.

My email address is

Len Homber