Season of peace and goodwill ... but not for the animals

Christmas is often thought of as a time of ‘goodwill to all’ and ‘peace on Earth’. But for the millions of turkeys killed for the UK’s Christmas dinners it is anything but a time of peace.

Often raised in filthy, crowded conditions and then slaughtered at just a few months old, life for Britain’s turkeys is short and miserable.

And that’s not to mention the geese, pigs and other animals killed for the festive feast. But it needn’t be this way. There are a wealth of delicious, meat-free alternatives to the traditional Christmas turkey, so why not spare an animal’s life this Christmas and try something new, different and cruelty-free?

You can order Animal Aid’s free booklet ‘Compassionate Christmas’, which includes meat-free festive recipes, by calling 01732 364546 or by emailing

Ben Martin

Animal Aid, Tonbridge