She should stand as UKIP

Maria Caulfield MP for Lewes
Maria Caulfield MP for Lewes

Richard Powell

EUnity Lewes St John Street, Lewes

Maria Caulfield has announced via the Daily Express website (August 12) that she wants to “Chuck Chequers” and that “it’s no deal for me”.

It appears the MP for Lewes now stands against the Government on whose platform she was elected, in pursuit of a policy which will hurt her constituents, most of whom did not vote for Brexit. The benefits of a “no deal” Brexit are distant and elusive, while its disadvantages are clear: evidence given to Parliament suggests that the price of cheese will rise by 20%, for example. Is this a price we are happy to pay?

If Ms Caulfield really is hell-bent on leaving the EU at any cost she should show the courage of her convictions, leave the Conservative Party, and stand for re-election under the UKIP banner.