Shot pigeon - jumping to conclusions

Pigeon shot by arrow. The guilty perpetrator (yes, I’ve been watching too much Danish TV!) has been demonised, an evil act. A terrible crime. Perhaps the person who shot the bird was a child, boy or girl.

Alright, lets not try to be politically correct, I mean boy. Perhaps he had no idea that he’d actually have any chance of hitting the bird. Imagine his shock as the arrow hit the bird. Was he pleased? Probably not. Will he do it again? Probably not. I can picture him scarpering sharpish.

So what happens next? The local paper goes overboard. It’s the worst thing that has happened in Lewes this year. How does this boy feel now? Terrible. He now has a dark secret. Who can he talk to? Perhaps he’ll stop going out to play, stay in, watch TV, play computer games, go on facebook.

Hopefully, he has a mum or dad with a bit of grey matter between their ears, who can tell him that he’s not evil, and that he should get back out there and live life.

Maybe I’m wrong, perhaps it was a deliberate act by a callous adult. Perhaps it was me. Perhaps it was someone planning a pigeon pie and was disturbed. But next time you buy those cheap chicken thighs for the BBQ, take a moment, go online and check out what sort of life these chickens have to suffer.

And how old are the children working in sweatshops making the cheap clothes that we all love to buy.

Now that is what I might call evil! (I could, of course, go on and on and on).

John Somerville (animal lover, not a vegetarian, pragmatist)