Site belongs to the people

ST Anne’s is part of the ‘Open Gardens of Southover’ event on Sunday June 12.

This is one response by the local community to what’s happening on the site.

At the same time our representatives in County Hall are insisting on sending the bailiffs onto the site to destroy everything that has been growing there over the last six weeks, not to mention the prospect of later cutting down many beautiful mature trees to facilitate more development.

They keep refusing to talk to the people who have started this new garden of Lewes, or to the local community, except on their terms.

They thereby waste the precious energy that the community has to put into defending the site, which could be used to add health and beauty to this wonderful town. All at our cost.

To us this seems a misinterpretation of their role!

Doesn’t the land belong to the community, and is the council not the servant of the community?

Susanne Wolf and

Peter Cole