Skirting the building of affordable homes

Are you aware that a developer has put in an application to not build affordable houses on a site that had in the agreement to include affordable houses for those who can’t compete with the open market.

If this gets passed, all developers will follow suit. I have tried to see the document but am told the case officer won’t reveal anything to a third party.

Even local elected councillors can’t get the details. This is an outrageous situation.

With all the proposed development on green fields up to 2027, we ought to not have anything else but housing for the people

already in need of a home that they can afford with in their income, but developers only want to build to sell at the highest possible rate.

Without the social houses, they can sell and make extra dividends.

May I invite readers and those wanting to see more affordable housing to write to Wealden District council and Eric Pickles the minister for communities to object to this kind of demand by developers.

May I invite readers to visit my website for new ideas regarding housing at

Cllr Laurence Keeley