SNP set to destroy democracy in UK

If with the help of the SNP Ed Milliband is allowed into Downing Street, then he will make Ed Balls his chancellor.

A person who has admitted publically that he cannot do maths.

The SNP is committed following public statements and statements in the press to destroying democracy in the UK for their own benefit.

The question to be answered by your readers is do you still wish to live in a democratic country where Labour is controlled by the SNP by governing as if in a dictatorship, or do you wish to live in a free democracy with all that goes with it despite its faults.

You alone must make the choice, a Labour/SNP government where your wishes to decide over the EU will never be allowed to be heard or a democratic government where you will be given the choice to stay or leave the EU.

When the East European countries join the EU, they will be allowed to flood her to use our NHS which is full of incompetent managers created by the last Labour government and all those waiting at Calais to come here who the French are openly assisting.

The NHS is already falling apart due to Labour’s incompetence when they were in government under Blair where Milliband was a senior member of the establishment and whose leaders are proposing more A&E closures and even fewer beds at those hospitals that remain knowing that if Milliband takes office they can make these changes.

On May 7th you will have to choose, a greatly reduced NHS and more uncontrolled immigration with a Labour/SNP dictatorship or a government that has pledged to reverse the changes to the NHS and bring in immigration controls.

R Knight

Newport, Shropshire