So there is a cost to twinning

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I HAVE never been in favour of ‘twinning’ as I do not see how it has any benefits to the people of a town, but I accepted that if there is absolutely no cost to the residents then there is no harm in it. When ‘twinning’ was first mentioned for Newhaven I was assured by the Town Council that there would be ‘no cost’ to the Council Tax Payers in Newhaven as the Twinning Association was ‘self-funding.’ Now it appears this may be untrue.

Stephen Meah-Sims, Newhaven Town Clark, advises in his email to me (below) that the replacement of the four ‘Welcome to Newhaven’ signs cost ‘was under £500’ and paid for out of Town Council funds. So that’s alright then, if it was under £500! What happens the next time something needs to be paid for but the Twinning Association either doesn’t have the resources or just expects the Council Tax Payers to foot the bill? Either the Twinning Association is self funding or it isn’t, it can’t be both!

G R Ashbrook,Newhaven