Solar farm - Fight ruined land and wasted cash

Solar farm Vogt map
Solar farm Vogt map
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Mr Campbell (director of Ovesco, May 10) is clearly upset that Ringmer residents are objecting to the Vogt Solar Farm, half the area of Ringmer within the National Park (see Vogt’s site plan above).

The three letters to which Mr Campbell objects do not represent only their authors. As with the turbine proposal, I sense a high level of opposition in Ringmer. The main support for the turbine at the public inquiry came almost exclusively from Lewes residents, who were telling us what our village needed.

Could Mr Campbell’s frustration result from the fact that the letters revealed the enormity of the proposed development to residents before the public exhibitions?

There were effectively three agendas being pushed at these events. Vogt Solar’s plan, recruitment of other landowners to accept solar farms and Ovesco’s marketing of shares.

These represent three elements of the green-subsidy gravy train, paid for by all of us, including retirees battling to make ends meet. Please don’t misrepresent things Mr Campbell, we all pay for the awful ROC system. There is only our money available to play with in this fantasyland of musical chair subsidies.

The Vogt representative told fellow villagers that the development might produce £7,500 pa towards a Ringmer community fund with a strong suggestion that this be spent on more (subsidised) green energy projects.

This is a derisory proportion of the obscene returns on such a development and amounts to nothing more than a sweetener (or bribe as some might interpret it). Do Vogt really believe that Ringmer residents are desperate to receive £3 per household each year to achieve more despoilment and increased electricity bills?

The green-taxes juggernaut is already seen by the majority of the population for what it is.

Sadly, innumerate politicians, pressured by an enormously powerful lobby, are incapable of defending us.

We have no option but to fight back against ruined landscapes and wasted billions.

Reg Keeping