Solar farm site in Berwick - don’t let it happen

ongratulations to Amie Morrell for a well balanced article last week.

As one of the local residents directly affected by the Berwick site, I am opposed to their placement in our countryside.

We are told they will have no effect on the land over 27 years – how does anybody know?

Twenty seven years ago, the internet did not exist. Then it was hailed as the new wonder technology and today it is the major source of pornography. A side effect nobody foresaw.

Today we import 1 million litres of milk daily – surely we should be using the vast subsidies these solar sites enjoy to support our farmers in producing food ,not covering the land in brutal blue panels.

The government is in the process of changing the regulations on solar panel placement as they never intended such vast industrial sites to be encouraged, rather the use of small scale solar on homes and industrial buildings.

These large developments are sucking up all the subsidies intended for small scale use, exploiting the regulations for commercial gain.

The Berwick solar site is the first major site to be reviewed by Wealden Planning and their decision is likely to set a precedent for the future.

The arrival of one will no doubt herald the domino effect of many.

To all of us who love our countryside as is was intended, beware – a solar site could soon be coming to the fields next to you.

Joe Eagle