Solar farm - What is proposed instead?

Subsequent to Vogt’s draft plan to install 75,000 solar panels on 60 acres within the South Downs National Park (SDNP) and as part of Ringmer, Vogt has now stated: ‘After careful consideration Vogt solar have decided not to progress plans for a solar farm at Upper Stoneham in their current form’.

At first sight, this may appear reassuring, but clarity is needed. What is meant by ‘in their current form’?

Does this mean a total abandonment of the plans or only a variation? We need to know whether the threat to build on high grade agricultural land in our village has been removed.

Vogt should be transparent in their dealings with all residents, Lewes District Council, Ringmer Parish Council and the SDNP. Vogt, please show us courtesy, respect and integrity: reveal your new plans, or confirm categorically you have abandoned this project.

Paul Manser