Solar farm - Why the U-turn on the proposals

Thank you so much for giving us the space in your newspaper to express our extreme concerns over Vogt Solar’s draft plan for a 60 acre solar farm adjoining Ringmer and within the South Downs National Park (SDNP).

The sentiments expressed in last week’s Sussex Express by Reg Keeping and Richard Turner are my thoughts entirely; however, I now understand that a representative of Vogt Solar has announced that ‘Vogt solar have decided not to progress plans ... in their current form’.

This appears superficially reassuring, but what is Vogt now planning, I wonder?

I just don’t feel able to trust these companies – as our fight against the wind turbine proved, the big companies don’t care about local opinions and just press ahead anyway, seemingly regardless.

But if this proves to be the end of Vogt’s dreadful proposal, perhaps you might claim “It’s the Sussex Express wot won it”– via your letters page!

Denise Bowker