Solar panel farm - don’t destroy land at our expense

With regard to your article in last week’s paper about the planning application for a Solar Farm in Ripe, I would just like to assure your readers that the application has very little to do with generating electricity.

It does however, have a lot to do with making a very large amount of money, due to the extremely generous subsidies introduced by the previous discredited government and continued by the present one.

By my estimates, the annual subsidy (£68.5 per MWHr) will bring the applicant an income of more than £600,000 pa. On top of this, they will receive the profit from selling the electricity into the grid.

So, over the term of the contract, they will be receiving about £15m in subsidies alone.

Readers should remember that it is us that will be paying for this subsidy through our higher electricity bills.

I am not against solar panels, but they should be on the roofs of all the industrial, commercial and farm buildings, before they are allowed on agricultural land.

This is the third such application in this area in the past three months.

If applications continue at this rate, the whole of the Low Weald will be covered in blue plastic panels by the end of this decade. What a great gift to future generations!

If you don’t want the whole of the Low Weald to become an industrialised zone, then you need to object to this application now.

Colin Webb