Sorry to see National Health Service go private

It is a sad day if our National Health Service goes into privatisation. The debts that hospitals have incurred over the years is because the government put them in the hands of Trusts who have failed through mismanagement of funds while they have been paid high executive wages.

With complaints in the press every day from the public, patients lives have been at stake, many have lost a life through hospital negligence.

Since 1948 the Health Service has been run well. Changes and modern technology have changed the way things are run today, but not for the good of the patients. As we know the elderly are living much longer than 60 years ago and why not, they are the forgotten few in our society. We should be proud of our elderly people as the older men fought for this country and worked all their lives.

They do not beg, steal or borrow which should be a lesson to today’s people who think it is easy to live on benefits rather than working.

The government is to blame and have allowed this to happen.

They scrapped the conscription for young men which would have made men of them today. The soaring migration to Britain must stop. Privatisation is not the answer, it is preventing the situation in the first place.

D Myles

South Heighton