Sound judgement by Tourist Information Centre staff over No Popery art

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Your article about a local photographer’s failure to publicise his work in the local tourist office raises several questions for me.

In a world where religious intolerance still sanctions, massacre, murder, rape and causes untold suffering to millions, how can Lewes Bonfire justify dragging out the ‘no Popery’ banner every year?

I hear the familiar word that immediately is thrown at any who question human practises which may have passed their sell-by date tradition. I suggest that the concept of tradition is an intellectual cul-de-sac utilised by those who fear, or feel threatened by, change.

Why did the Sussex Express give this local artist so much free publicity, quoting his opinions and every inconsequential move in this sorry matter while neglecting to investigate the experience of the people in the Tourist Office who are portrayed as ‘defensive’ and unhelpful.

Why should the Lewes Tourist Office promote this artist’s work? Why should it support the ‘No Popery’ propoganda when its job surely is to provide visitors to Lewes with information about local facilities which enrich their experience of the area.

What on earth did Lewes District Council mean in its comment. Could it please clarify its position?

Sadly, in this unbalanced article, I believe the Sussex Express did not echo the sound judgement of the staff at the Tourist Information Centre.

Mary Jackson