Special Expenses: Wrong choice Ruth!

Clive Hobden (Letters June 6) insists we should respect Cllr O’Keeffe’s status as an Independent – and so we should. Ruth has chosen not to follow a party programme but to vote on each issue on the basis of her judgement at the time – and those who elected her have chosen to trust her judgement.

She’s not been instructed by a Leader nor been bound by a majority decision in her group. All her decisions are 100 percent Ruth’s. So, her feet can be held to the fire if they turn out to be wrong.

I think Special Expenses are unfair – and so does Ruth. But, the choice she made on May 7 has saddled those who elected her with the certainty of another year of this hated surcharge. So, when you see the Special Expenses line on your next tax demand, remember to mutter: “Thank you, Ruth!”

Cllr John Stockdale

Lewes District and Town Councils -Bridge ward