Speculation that waste will be collected every four weeks?

There is speculation that bins may be emptied every four weeks.

This must never be allowed to happen in Sussex as this will result in infestation of rats and vermin. Where is health and safety on this issue. We have poor quality already in Newhaven as a result of the recent fire. The hospitals are already at breaking point with more admissions every day.

Councils are to receive money from central Government to maintain our roads and some are still in poor condition. We are our own worst enemy.

Essential services are number one priority. Too many staff are on the payroll. Downsize like we are told.

With housing, we should be planning for the future not just for today. We have neglected many parts of Sussex,

like Southern Rail who have failed to maintain its road at Lewes station which is in poor condition. The cobbled precinct which goes to the car park is also uneven, causing people to trip up.

MPs are failing in what they are elected for. Councils should hold referendums.

In the eyes of the people who are the ones most affected by cuts, most of the nursing homes were closed down now we have a problem of where to place the elderly as people are living much longer than 50 years ago cutbacks on elderly is not the answer to the problems but mismanagement of control but not to blame the elderly for having extra years on this planet.

D Myles