Speed limit - Safety on the C7 costs one and a half minutes

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The debate in relation to the speed limit on the C7 road appears to be ongoing. I am aware that there are two petitions circulating, one to reduce the speed limit to 40mph and one not to do so, but I have no information as yet as to the relative degree of support which each is collecting.

I have done the arithmetic as it applies to this road. There are at present two stretches of road with a 50mph limit between Newhaven and Lewes, seperated by a short stretch of road at Rodmell with a 30 limit. The two stretches are of 2.1 miles and 2.5 miles, totalling therefore at present 4.6 miles where the limit is 50mph.

A car travelling at this exact speed the whole way will complete the trip in some 414 seconds. A car travelling at exactly 50mph the whole way will take 330 seconds. The difference is 84 seconds, or a little less than one and a half minutes. The argument there boils down to a decision as to whether a higher speed poses a greater danger, and if so whether adding one and a half minutes to the journey is worth the increased safety.

Tony Bradbury