Spin machine goes into operation

I thank Councillor Lamb for the courtesy of his reply (“Lib Dems Temper Wild Tory Policies”, November 8) to my previous letter. It is intriguing to see the Lib-Dem refutation/spin machine creaking into operation: it will have its work cut out over the next 16-17 months. Regarding the Coalition, would not the Councillor agree that in exchange for a few paltry liberal titbits, his party (with a leadership mesmerised by office) has given the Conservatives the majority they needed to implement their NEO-liberal revolution, transforming the public sector with attacks on education, health, welfare, social services, local government, the environment, and energy policy, and paving the way for future mass privatisation? Was this what Lib-Dem supporters voted for in 2010? Next time, I only hope that his party will not be so gullible as to enable the Conservatives to finish off the work that this Coalition has begun.

Ralph Grillo