Splash Point beach repairs - a job well done?

The article in the Sussex Express (22nd August) headlined “Beach now better than ever”, reporting the repairs to, and re-opening of, Splash Point, was very heartening.

All involved in the repair to Splash Point and the vandalised seafront shelter are obviously to be congratulated.

Very unfortunately, and despite the headline, there was no mention of actual improvements to the beach at all. This is because there hasn’t been any! In a nutshell, the beach structure remains precarious, steep and downright unusable to all but the fittest, and in fact dangerous under certain conditions – its ability to prevent a major flooding event must also be questionable.

All of our local councils continue to effectively show apathy, denial and general disinterest. I would like to remind that a 3000+ signature petition, still running in the Old Plough in Church Street, is calling for beach improvement.

Reinforcing this, the main feedback from the Beach and Seafront exhibition held in the Crypt Gallery two years ago also called for better and safer sea access. This level of concern is seemingly still not enough to generate any pro-active undertaking by any of our local councils to improve the beach situation.

All is not quite lost however- there is still a small core of people, including one or two local

town councillors, quietly working on this issue- I am hopeful that (yet another) proposal for an improved beach will be forthcoming fairly soon.

At the next meeting between Seaford Town Council and the Environment Agency, due in early September, I would be very happy to field any questions about the beach situation from any of your readers- I can be contacted at brian.skinner2@btinternet.com

Jim Skinner