St Anne’s site - lack of adequate transparency

You say that the meeting about the St Anne’s sale voted that the bidding process had been unfair. (Meeting on school site sale, Sept 5).

Oh, no we didn’t. A majority felt that on the evidence presented at that meeting, the process seemed to have lacked adequate transparency.

It would have been useful if the ESCC officers involved had been able to put their side of the case, but I suspect the council preferred not to expose them to aggressive criticism from a noisy and ill-informed minority.

I am told that some people would like council to repeat the exercise, to give the Community Land Trust a second chance. However, the CLT have publicly stated that they cannot guarantee to raise the necessary funding, and people who have actually studied the details of the Subud bid seem to think that their scheme would be of considerable value to the community – and this, after exhaustive consultation, is what ESCC were asked to look for.

The voting figures you quote are also inaccurate.

Jon Gunson