St Mary’s Centre must be saved

May I be permitted to bump Brian Beck and his crusade re global warming or climate change off the letters page for one week to discuss something far more important to local people and that is the possible closure of St Mary’s Social Centre and Supporters Club.

I was intrigued to see the smug face of James Page in your edition (January 25) as I only knew of him by his reluctance to share with us his plans for redevelopment.

When he was interviewed by Rocket FM last year, he was most indignant when asked the question, is St Mary’s going to close?, that he felt he should have been forewarned of the question.

He talks in his interview about transparency, and comittment to openness involving local participation I quote, so why is it that no one can get a definitive answer from him.

No decision has been made, he says. Just how long does it take to make decisions these days? Is it because only his cronies in the private sector are aware of his plans? Is it because maybe not all of his council colleagues either know or are in favour of these plans and he needs time to work on them? Whatever the reason it seems transparency and openness are words Mr Page has not grasped the meaning of just yet. StMary’s provides a vast amount to the community, there is no other place that has the facilities it has in Lewes.

Many clubs and associations use both venues, and both venues remain viable even in these parlous times.Yet Mr Page wants to build houses on the site. If this is you thinking of the community, Mr Page, then you should hang your head in shame. You are an elected official who when the time comes can just as easily be unelected. For those interested, petitions are at various outlets in the town. Please append your name and help to save this valuable asset to Lewes.

David Gale