Stadium’s riotous crowds

Tuesday evening last week saw Brighton and Hove Albion facing Crystal Palace at the new Amex stadium at Falmer. This hitherto peaceful pocket of East Sussex experienced riot squads, mounted police, and convoys of flashing police vehicles on the A27.

Businesses had to close in Seaford and there were numerous violent incidents in Lewes, Brighton and Falmer.

Police have confirmed 28 arrests. Rail travel for people trying to use Brighton station for non-football purposes was either cancelled or too intimidating – a friend abandoned her journey to Lewes, turning back from Brighton station thinking the riots had returned.

People living on the coast simply could not use the Falmer road to get home or away and had to go via Newhaven. The people who were originally opposed to the location of the new stadium must feel grimly vindicated.

Could those who were so vociferous in their defence of the site please concede now that it is not just about them having a lovely ‘home’ after Withdean. This disgraceful behaviour and accompanying disruption affects – very negatively – the lives of many more people.

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