Starting up a free school

We are a group of secondary school teachers, all of whom are very concerned about sending their children to any of the state secondary schools in the area. We know what our children can expect there.

We are aware that many parents look to the independent sector for the best education, but cannot afford the fees.

There are parents who despair of their local schools, or those for whom normal school hours just do not fit with their working life. We want to offer a solution. A school that opens longer and provides high quality education to its pupils is the answer. A school set up by the joint efforts of teachers and the parents who want the best.

We are looking for parents or members of the community, business, or any other organisations, to help us set up a Free School for East Sussex. We have a basic website up and running for those wishing to register their interest:

We think it is time that there was a non selective, non fee charging school that will open longer, offer the same level and depth of education offered in the independent sector.

The East Sussex Free School Group, East Sussex