State of our roads has never been worse

State of roads never been worse

I have been driving for more than 50 years covering over 1.25 million miles and I have never experienced roads in the appalling condition we find them in now.

When I first started driving, my road tax was about £10 per year and it is now over £300.

Roads used to be maintained by applying a coating of tar with rolled chippings on top, and this lasted for a considerable time. This is now no longer the case and a composite rolled compound is used with clear pretty useless results.

An example of this, and there are many others, is the A267 Little London Road from Heathfield to Horam.

This stretch of road was completely recovered with this compound just 12 months ago and is already seriously coming off.

What is happening to the vast sums of money we motorists pay in road tax when we are expected to have to drive on these Third World roads causing serious damage to our vehicles?

Brian Hamper