Stay away from quarries

EVERY year, young people put themselves at risk of injury and even death by entering their local quarries uninvited. It happens right across the country – and it happens in your area.

Sadly, since the beginning of May, four teenage boys have died in trespass related accidents in UK quarries. All too often, an enquiry into the circumstances surrounding a tragic accident of this kind reveals the same stark fact.

The young people involved did not perceive the risks they were exposing themselves to, they saw their activities as a bit of harmless fun.

With the long delayed arrival of dry, warm weather and the start of the school summer holidays, quarry operators are therefore keen to raise public awareness of these risks.

They would also like to appeal to parents to ensure that their youngsters are not tempted to enter into local quarries uninvited and to deter irresponsible adults who, in pursuit of their own activities, are breaking down quarry fencing and putting children lives at risk.

While some of the hazards that young people may expose themselves to are obvious, others are less so. Quarry water, no matter how inviting, is icy cold and deep with unexpected currents and obstacles hidden beneath the water. The dramatic impact that cold water can have on one’s body can result in even very experienced swimmers suddenly finding themselves in difficulty. Quarry edges can be unstable. Caves dug into sand stockpiles can collapse on you. Ground that may look firm can act like quicksand.

I would urge parents and others to view and share are Facebook page Stay Safe Stay Out of Quarries with others. A video can also be viewed on YouTube (type in - Stay Safe Stay Out of Quarries)

Our message and the message of the parents of boys who have been killed whilst trespassing in quarries and who are now supporting the campaign is simple - unless you are invited on an organised visit by the quarry operator – Please Stay Safe ...Stay Out of quarries.

Elizabeth Clements,

Mineral Products Association, London