Sticking plaster for Newhaven roads is not the answer

Firstly, let me start by congratulating Norman Baker on finding Newhaven on the map.

Mr Baker with his North Way suggestion has made a serious error of judgement, by offering up a solution to a problem clearly he has not witnessed, as any well-meaning amateur would. DJ of Newhaven (Express 10 October) gave a fine critique of Baker’s idea, which can be reduced to this critical point, “further constricting traffic which needs to be more, not less, freely flowing”. Congestion will only be exacerbated with the opening of the new port road, which will feed more traffic into ‘The Drove’ island, already a hotspot for heavy traffic destined for The Drove Retail Park, KFC, Lidl and North Quay Road Industrial Estate.

Having lived in Newhaven now for over 7 years, it is clear to me that the pinch points are: the pedestrian crossings/junctions around the ring road, and the section of the A259 that crosses the swing bridge and connects to ‘The Drove’ island. These issues cannot be fixed without a huge sum of money being allocated to them. Ideally if money was no object for ESCC and LDC, the best solution would be for a relief road/bridge downstream of Newhaven. Failing this, widening the single carriageway section across the swing-bridge and flyover would make a considerable improvement. Either way would be painful and costly to implement. But isn’t it time for those who purport to support Newhaven’s regeneration, to consider more permanent ‘non-sticking plaster’ alternatives? UKIP I understand is developing such a strategy for our town and I, for one, will be holding UKIP to it when this new, refreshing, invigorating party comes of age and is in a position to fulfil its promises.

Newhaven and its town centre have long suffered at the hands of our local Liberal and Tory politicians (witness the increased congestion resulting from closure of the Seaford Household Waste Recycling facility in Cradle Hill, Seaford). It’s time they took notice of local peoples wishes. A first step which would benefit both traders and shoppers, would be to offer 2 hours free parking.

Simon Barnes