Stop this policital point scoring

Regarding Sarah Owen’s statement in last week’s edition of the paper in reference to Eastbourne pier can she not see how this political points scoring is one of the main reasons that voters turn off from politics?

I’m not going to go over what is now a well-covered story but the diffence between the circumstances of both piers is obvious. Sarah, Hastings pier problems were at their height during the Labour years maybe if the Prime Minister of the day had not been so busy destablising parts of the Middle East he may have found time to call into Hastings and drop off the odd million pounds before the pier closed as a trading business.

You also have to look at the bigger picture, that is the differences between Hastings and Eastbourne, and the one glaring difference I have always seen is vision, by this I mean Eastbourne clearly had visions of how to promote itself, and develop its infrastructure for one.

The marina complex at the Crumbles has grown into something that must have far exceeded the expections of all, the annual air show, the tennis and so on.

I look at Eastbourne and see a positive every time and until Hastings loses the victim mantra it will not even be second best. It basically promotes itself as the poverty centre of the universe and features in the national press for bad news rather than good.

Where I live in West St Leonards I look out over a derelict site of land which has been so since the mid 1980s. What was a timber yard is now rubbish, a hand car wash and rubbish, garden sheds acting as short-term beach huts. The green space that was once a bathing pool is now a seafront dogs’ toilet.

The last plan I believe was for a leisure development built of shipping containers, even that didn’t happen, myself I think was an ideal location for an art gallery.

I have lived in Hastings pretty much all my life but I just despair when I look back and see all the missed opportunities, the big plans that came to nothing whereas Eastbourne.............................!

No, I don’t want to move to Eastbourne I just want Hastings to stop promoting itself as the victim all the time and petty political statements from Sarah Owen does not help.

G Morris

Bexhill Road

St Leonards