Strange form of democracy

It’s a mad, mad world! One person clears the way for massive development on the Eastside. One person for one pound opens the way for more than 40 acres of development on the Lewes Road.

A strange form of democracy?

Clearly the whole concept of the so-called regeneration of Newhaven needs to be reconsidered. Firstly, Eastside does not need another supermarket and the building of the requisite homes to support it. Whatever, it can only further weaken the High Street convenience shopping for those who can only walk to their market. As for the largest water park in the world it will positively kill the small villages of the area of the Ouse Valley – not surely to be encouraged.

Generally, a much more imaginative and attractive development of the Eastside would be the natural creation of Lake Tidemills, a beautiful water wildlife haven (Seahaven) and a more fitting coastal approach to the National Park, incidentally, it might also encourage unique festival events.

Give rise to Lake Tidemills, truly renew regeneration.

Leonard White