Suggested solutions for South Malling School parking

I am contacting you as a parent at South Malling School.

I know that the parking situation at our school has already been brought to your attention and I would like to expand the main problems that parents have trying to drop their children off at school safely.

The main problems recognised are:

1. Police parking in the surrounding roads who work at the police head quarters (especially either side of the bus stop) whose car then remains there all day blocking the roads of parking places;

2. Commuters going into either Lewes or catching the bus into Brighton whose car remains in the near roads untouched all day;

3. Parents who once lived in Lewes and have now moved to Ringmer and surrounding villages now needing to drop off in their cars (increase of traffic);

4. In 2011, South Malling was the only school recognised as having the space to provide one extra class admittance due to a baby boom – children having to come from different areas in Lewes (increase of traffic);

5. Due to there not being enough parking spaces, some parents are now parking dangerously resulting in (a) a young child getting run over just before Christmas 2013 (b) a lorry driving over the grass verge and knocking down the barrier on the morning of 03/02/2014 as witnessed by our lollypop lady (c) a potential hazard for emergency vehicles gaining access to blocked roads due to cars pulling over on both sides;

6. Some parents have resulted to staying in their cars outside the school gates at pick up time, encouraging their child to walk to them, which is a concern in itself (as covered in leaflet from ESCC that was given out in book bags)

Possible solutions;

1. Drop off and pick up area just outside school where the bus stop is;

2. Designated area for cars to stay a maximum of 20 minutes, preventing commuters / working people from taking up spaces;

3. Flatten half of the green opposite the school and create a designated maximum stay 15 minutes for parents.

We have tried walking buses and the school works very closely with Lucy Dance encouraging children to ride their bikes into school where possible. So as you can see, we have explored many options available to us to no avail.

I have not outlined all areas of concern but the main points which, I believe, need your urgent attention.

Please can you respond to my email with the hope that we can come up with a solution to make parking and access more available to parents at South Malling school.

Mrs Amy Prifti