Superstore unsuitable

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ARROWCROFT’S proposal for a supermarket beside the bridge with riverside boardwalk and various other improvements to the East Quay has been described as being ‘linked to the High Street’.

Can somebody please explain exactly how a development on the eastern riverbank will be ‘linked’ to the High Street which is on the western side of the river and nowhere near the riverbank?

Will it be by some kind of spectacular pedestrian walkway as described in a letter (May 9) or am I missing something here? The only link between the east and west of Newhaven is the swing bridge and unless some other physical ‘link’ is built, I cannot see how any development at East Side will benefit the High Street.

I believe if more shops are built here, this will only detract from the town centre and if another supermarket is built so close to the swing bridge this may well tempt shoppers away from the Co-Op supermarket in Newhaven Square and possibly add another empty shop to the collection.

Then there is the traffic issue to deal with. Arrowcroft say they are undertaking a traffic survey to show the highway can cope.

I assume their personnel are not from the area and don’t visit here either, as if they did then they would know that this stretch of the A259 from Denton Corner to the ring road is regularly heavily congested at peak times, often impacting on Lewes Road and sometimes Brighton Road.

Supermarkets attract cars – no doubt this one will have a car park – and this location is totally unsuitable as it will add to queues of traffic joining the main road in both directions, as will any similar development on the corner of Drove Road and Railway Road.

Michael Young, Newhaven