Support farmers and save Hailsham from developers

I THINK we can all agree that Hailsham has had more than its fair share of developments in recent years, but have anti-planning campaigners really thought about the root cause of this problem?

The fact is that many small local farmers can no longer make a living from farming. It’s not their fault, it’s the community’s fault. Buying from supermarkets may save you pennies, but in the end it will cost you your view over open fields.

By not supporting local farmers’ markets or buying from farm shops, we in Hailsham are encouraging the disappearance of local farms and the expansion of intensive factory farming and battery chickens.

Hailsham Farmers’ Market is open on the second Saturday of every month.Local produce can also be found at these outlets

I recently bought my first Ersham Farm chicken. Slow grown and traditionally hung before selling, the flavour and succulence were out of this world. After sampling such quality I would never again buy a supermarket chicken. Support local farmers and help save Hailsham from developers.

Ms L Grace, Hailsham