Support for boycott of Isreali-made water meter is growing

In last week’s ‘Sussex Express’ Mr Duncanson stated that ‘A small group of (Lewes) residents want to boycott the meter installations as part of a wider campaign against Israel’. In fact, the group of residents refusing the installation of Arad Technology meters is not now small and is growing, to such an extent that it was reported on BrightFM recently that because of customer opposition Southern Water has suspended installations in Lewes.

The refusal of residents is not against Israel per se but against this Israeli company’s intensive involvement in illegal activity in the illegal Israeli settlements on land stolen from Palestinians in the West Bank occupied by Israel.

Our refusal is also prompted by this company’s cooperation with the Israeli government in diverting scarce water supplies from ordinary Palestinians to the Israeli settlers in the illegal settlements in Palestine and their complicity in human rights abuses.

It’s also incorrect to say that Southern Water has no political position on this issue – Southern Water has taken a political position by deciding to award this meter contract to an Israeli company working in the illegal settlements and is in breach of its own corporate ethical social responsibility policy, by being complicit in human rights abuses.

Southern Water could have helped reduce unemployment and supported our manufacturing industry by awarding the meter contract to a British company but choose not to, so not ‘well done Southern Water’ on this occasion.

Adrian Briggs