Support for teachers’ strike

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The staff at Southdown Junior School will not be joining the NUT/ATL National Teachers’ Strike on Thursday, June 30.

This is as a result of a vote indicating that they do not wish to participate, even though there is overwhelming opposition to the government’s policy among the staff.

My two children will be attending the ‘Stop The Cuts’ rally in Lewes this Saturday morning because many of the measures being taken by this government seem to be based on right-wing ideology and not a case-by-case basis that takes into account low-income families and the effect of such cuts on social values.

I have done my best to try and inform my children what this strike is about, to try to help them understand that the decisions that are being taken now will undoubtedly impact on them were they to seek post-compulsory education.

I want my children to think about social rights and responsibilities and thus I have asked them to consider this matter carefully: Do you want to go to school on the 30th or support teachers nationally with their industrial action? I know many will say: What response do you expect other than the one the children gave, which is to support the strike?

However, the children have also been informed that they will have an educational focus day in place of school. I will not allow my children’s education to suffer.

We will be visiting the Brighton History Centre and Museum facility on Thursday, June 30, to investigate the history of Brighton with a special focus on standards of living for ordinary people and the improvement in quality of life for poorer families.

They will spend the whole day learning about the struggle of poorer people to access education, decent housing and working conditions and the distribution of wealth in relation to those improvements and thereby support the teachers nationally with their protest.

The rally to protest about the NHS changes will meet at 10.30 on Saturday, June 25, at The Gallops, Nevill Road, Lewes going via Victoria Hospital to Lewes Precinct.

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