Surprise frost caused wall state

I MUST reply to the news item in last week’s Sussex Express by Chris Eyte ‘Wall Rage Fires War of Words’, in respect of the wall built around Hellingly Church.

Only a few days before the article appeared my wife and I were observing the wall for ourselves and had reached the same conclusion as Commander Roger Paine as to the quality of workmanship in as much that a considerable quantity of the mortar was no longer between the brickwork and is coming out at a rapid rate. Fully aware as to the time the wall had actually been constructed we realised that something was sadly amiss with the quality of construction.

It was of great interest reading the comment given by the Wealden District Council spokesman that the frost had caused the problem and that the use of lime mortar had apparently been a conservation requirement. Are we to suppose that the use of the modern bricks escaped this requirement for conservation? If however this is the quality of the mortar required, then it would seem rather ironic that any conservation buildings are still actually standing after the alleged frost damage? It would seem to have been a high cost for the quality received, whichever was the correct figure.

Brian A Hamper, Heathfield