‘Suspicious’ U-turn by developers over affordable housing

Your reporter Samantha Clark and Cllr Carolyn Lambert are to be applauded for bringing to public attention the appalling U-turn by McCarthy and Stone over the provision of affordable housing at the old Beachcomber site in Seaford.

As the affordable units were the single saving grace of the entire development, the sooner the full facts of this sorry situation are known, the better.

I’m sure that I’m not the only Seaford resident who finds the whole thing, as reported so far, very, very suspicious.

Meanwhile we have the looming Hortsley development in Stafford Road on the horizon, comprising yet more retirement flats.

At this rate, our lovely town will become another ‘God’s waiting room’, a reputation we could well do without.

I have also just noticed that the Buckle is up for sale with ‘development potential’ – so who knows what will happen there!

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