Swamped with election campaign leaflets already

You can always tell when there is an election in the air because of all the leaflets that start coming through the door from the mainstream political parties.

It’s funny how we never seem to get mail from them in between elections. But this time around it’s a bit different. The two parties sending out most of the paperwork in the Lewes area, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems, have just spent the past five years in a cosy coalition government together.

Before the last election in 2010, all their time was taken up emphasising the differences between them. But once all the votes were cast, they were straight into bed with each other, and many Lib Dem bigwigs have served loyally in David Cameron’s Conservative cabinet ever since. Now once again, both parties are going at it hammer and tongs trying to persuade us how different they really are. Honest guv! So will people be taken in a second time? I think not. Fortunately, in 2015 there are number of alternatives ranging from Ed Miliband’s tired old Labour Party (well, OK, perhaps not), to the Greens and to UKIP. My choice would be UKIP because they seem to be the party of ordinary people and they say what ordinary people think. And unlike in previous elections, this time around they have a real chance of winning in Lewes.

John Harvey