Syria: Government policies more like theatre of the absurd

I read Norman Baker’s article (September 6) with interest.

I abhor the use of chemical weapons and like him would like the international community to stop “the appalling loss of life in Syria as a whole” and everywhere else. You don’t do this by pouring petrol on the flames.

It is very hard to understand why the UK Government is hosting a massive Arms Fair in London (welcoming exhibitors such as the Russian company that has sold Syria most of its weapons) and is encouraging the sale of lethal weapons to representatives of governments with appalling human rights records. Why is public money also used to subsidise arms sales by the UK TI DSO government department? Yesterday’s customer is often today’s despot and human rights violator and next year’s declared “enemy”.

Vince Cable’s department allowed the sale of the ingredients for nerve gas to Syria at a time when a civil war was going on and David Cameron travelled the world peddling weapons to many dubious governments.

There is also silence on the use of white phosphorous and depleted uranium tipped shells in warfare by “our side”.

As with its financial and logistical support for extreme fossil fuel energy like fracking, in stark contrast to its declared concern about climate change, the Government is tying itself in knots over its policies on peace, war and human rights.

It is becoming more a theatre of the absurd every day.

Ed Richardson