System fair on pensioners

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WE ARE sorry that Barbara Mine (letters March 30) has added her voice to those protesting at the so-called “Granny Tax” whereby the Age Related Personal Allowance is frozen until everyone else’s catches up with it.

No pensioner will be taxed more but those under the pension age will benefit. This seems to us, as pensioners of the baby boom generation, fair.

Our generation has had free university education, more secure jobs, the opportunity to buy cheap housing, and better pensions than the younger generation.

The per centage rise in the state pension this year is 5.2%, the average wage rise much less.

We also get free bus passes and prescriptions. Government money is tight because of the previous spendthrift Labour Government and it seems right that younger people on lower wages are taxed less heavily.

Michael and Margaret Staples

Grove Road, Seaford