Take your own advice, please

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Dr Parker suggests that cogent arguments rather than rhetoric should be used in the Climate Change debate but fails to take note of his own advice.

He firstly supposes that many now seriously question the existence of man made global warming. That sounds a lot like rhetoric but if true is demonstrably wrong. Tony Parker – as many before him – conflates two issues. Global warming – the absorption of infrared radiation by, primarily, water and carbon dioxide reflected from the earth’s surface – has been acknowledged and understood for many years.

It contributes typically 20 degrees C to the temperature of our atmosphere and makes life on our planet generally possible.

On Venus, it is one of the factors which makes life pretty much impossible. As far as the issue of the effect of man-made greenhouse gas production on the climate is concerned, that is a clearly related but separate arguement.

Dr Parker, however, in his pursuit of reasoned argument, may want to look at the tens of thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers which suggest the man-made addition to existing global warming is a cause of genuine concern and possibility.

Such papers (peer reviewed and published in established scientific journals) dwarf the nothing-to-worry-about about view by about 50 to 1.

By comparison, the article we are refered to in a daily paper by a political journalist may be considered mere rhetoric.

Dr Sam Langridge,