Tale of two towns

I am encouraged to note the greatly improved standard of development design to be seen in the two Riverside schemes proposed for Lewes, as shown in the Sussex Express.

Of note also is the huge discrepancy in design standard between these two schemes and the appalling redevelopment scheme put forward for the Magistrates Court site in Lewes, which was unanimously rejected by the South Downs Planning Committee recently. In both these opposing cases the issue surely is whether or not the design in question adequately reflects & complements the distinctive historic character of the town. It’s as simple as that.

In the case of Newhaven, however, while having sympathy with the letter by Eve Taylor in the Sussex Express also, the issue for new development is rather different, in that there is little historic content to comply with, and therefore new building can with advantage respond to the maritime port and industrial character of the town, though with mixed success. This surely is the key to the matter, rather than a question of preference between the two towns.

Michael Parfect