Thank goodness for all those dedicated people in the emergency services

As a person who has been watching the news avidly over the Christmas, New Year period, I feel so sorry for those who have suffered badly in the intolerable weather.

It has made me think about how much all the people, who we rely on in the important services to keep everything going, do for us.

Seeing the Lifeboat men and women going out in all weathers, in horrendous seas, to rescue people who in many cases put themselves in danger, made me realise how much these loyal unpaid people give to our society.

I also think of the men up the electricity poles, trying to reconnect people all over the country, while fighting against the elements.

Do we realise that over the holiday period they left their families to travel all over the country to help others, when their families may have been in trouble themselves?

I could go on and on about the people who are the backbone of our society and who in many cases are not well paid. Without such people, we would be in a very poor state and I for one thank them and appreciate their efforts.

I was told by one of the wonderful carers who also turn out in all weathers to deal with people in need, that a thank you goes a long way and is much appreciated.

My thanks to all these wonderful dedicated people.

Pauline Cherry