Thank you Steve & pals who helped

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I wonder if you could publish a “Thank you” to “Steve” who came to my aid on Wednesday night when a tyre burst on my car. It was gone 11pm and I was returning to Uckfield with my friend from the theatre in Eastbourne when the incident happened.

I pulled in just past “The Maidens Head” to check and lo and behold in no time at all a group of kindly young people leaped in with offers to help.

Steve - and I wish I had asked his surname - immediately offered to change the wheel.

A couple of young men joined in later to help remove the wheel and Steve proceeded to finish the job. Steve’s friends stayed with us and gave us moral support.

I am in my 70s and have to confess I am not very mechanical so these young Samaritans saved the day.

Unfortunately, we could not start the car immediately afterwards due to a flat battery, so the AA were called in.

While waiting with my friend for the AA, Steve came back to check we were all right.

What’s more, just before the AA man arrived yet another young man, in his car, stopped to offer help.

They were all kind, polite, re-assuring and helpful.

I can’t praise these young people enough and wish to record my appreciation through the “Letter” page of your newspaper.

Whoever their parents are they have every right to be extremely proud of them.

Who says the younger generation have no manners and are unhelpful?

Mrs Josephine King