Thank you to lady who helped me

ON Friday, August 4, I was having breakfast with my elderly mother when I started choking on a small bit of toast. I panicked and ran out into the street to the nearby fruit shop as I knew the lady who owned it would help me, knowing I only had a short time to get it dislodged. A small crowd formed just looking at me and not knowing what to do.

But from nowhere came a very sweet lady who saved me.

It was a distressing thing to happen in my life and I dread to think what might have happened if that lady had not come along! More people should be aware of what happens and how such a simple Heimlich manoeuvre can save someone.

I want to thank that lady for what she did. I hope you could help me find her to thank her in person, as I feel I never thanked her enough. I feel she was my hero that day.

Diann Hook, (via email)