Thanking friends for a small win

Thank you everyone.

I have just heard today that Fracking has stopped in the UK until they have clearance from the Environment Agency. It is illegal for anyone anywhere to put poisonous chemicals into the ground. If the FBI does their job in USA they can hold everyone who has poisoned the earth responsible..

“You are correct that “no one is allowed to dump poisonous chemicals into the earth it is illegal.” Under the Groundwater Daughter Directive, which has been transposed into law through the Environmental Permitting Regulations, substances classified as hazardous must be prevented from entering groundwater. The entry of non-hazardous pollutants must be limited so as not to cause pollution.”

Matt Georges

Senior Advisor

The Environment Agency

Although I expect every newspaper to take the credit I would like to thank all my friends worldwide for winning this small battle in world war four. Especially Greenpeace, and my computer friends. If you can get any information on poisons being put into the earth please contact your local Greenpeace who have the staff to coordinate things properly.

It is up to the local police to enforce the law and anyone putting poisons into the earth is a criminal act please do your duty.

When people poison your land they are destroying your country and all the life forms in it, they are terrorists.

People are dying in their tens of thousands because of radon and if you have a hot summer methane will destroy vast amounts of the United States are you going to let these arsonists go free?

I am trying to help you, the congress is lying to you, poisoning USA and setting fire to her is illegal.

Please help we can beat these terrorists if we act together within the law.

Peter Baxter