Thanks for fantastic treatment

I would like to thank the staff at the Conquest Hospital for a fantastic service that they provide.

I recently went in for a hip operation, and I couldn’t have asked for more welcoming, friendly and considerate nurses, doctors and auxiliary staff to look after me.

While in hospital I read with great interest, our local MP, Amber Rudd’s newspaper article on our local NHS services. She was indeed right to recognise the hard work of our local hospital and GP practices, they do provide a first rate standard, and I think we need to take heed of Amber’s comments and talk up our local NHS service and stop talking it down.

I’m concerned that recent commentary from some quarters is only highlighting the few and rare circumstances in which issues arise. Most of the time our local health services are performing to an excellent standard, and we need to praise and champion this.

I will be telling everyone about the excellent care EVERY patient in my ward received, however difficult some of the cases were! I want to ask that more of us talk positively about our experiences and local health services.

I have had a great experience at our hospital, and I want to thank the dedicated and hard working staff at the Conquest and especially in Cookson Devas Ward.

Terri Lock

Bury Road

St Leonards